F.luxing Brightness

F.lux is a menubar app!

Just one more minute on Facebook. And then two, or a few more after that. If you’ve ever owned a computer, you’ll know how it can strain your eyes. At ten o’ clock pm: after a long day at the screen chattering away at the keyboard, your eyes are screaming, “help me bud!”

Now F.lux is a program that works with you, not against you (like all programs should). Your screen normally spits out a blue-tinted backlight that’s like staring into a miniature sun. Which, during the daytime, is fine. But at night, you’re just wasting your retinas away. This application remedies that.

By slowly tinting the screen redder, your eyes can be more relaxed during those long nights working on that report or chatting with your friends! Check out F.lux, it makes working just a tad more easy.