Bouldering at Jukjeon

Next to Jukjeon Station in Bundang-gu, South Korea, there’s a medium sized wall climbing structure. It looks like a blocky dog with a bunch of jagged rocks sticking out of it.

Last Sunday, I made my way on the subway to the wall with a couple of friends, and spent the next three hours attempting to climb up the slanted wall-face. Which is incredibly difficult; most of the time was spent hanging there trying to get my breath back.

I actually went to another climbing wall on the 14th: the Seongnam Art Wall. This one was about 16 meters tall, which was twice as high as the previous one. Gigantic!

Seongnam Art Wall: This is 16 meters tall!

There’s a specific method to climb up these fake rock walls that I’ve been taught. It’s a twisting motion where you have to alternate each leg  while pushing yourself up. I never got it. “I try, I try, but it hurts so bad right there, JD!” So what I attempted was a brute-force method where I literally pull myself up, which is also incredibly tiring. Like back-breaking tiring where your arms become noodles. My first climb was up the left side of the structure. (look at the picture) There’s a bunch of bumps along the way up that extend outward, so you’re forced to climb over those. Hard, but terribly fun.

If you look at the wall about 10 meters up in the middle, there’s an area where you’re able to climb upside-down. Not that I was able to, but I recall an older man climbing this wall like a beast. My mind can’t comprehend how much physical strength is required to do this.

I wish I could’ve gotten a few pictures, but I was in a hurry and forgot to bring my camera along. Oh well, I’ll snap a few on the 28th when we head out to a real mountainside!