Wallpaper Set #2

And once again, here’s a bunch of lovely wallpapers I’ve collected overtime. I’d really love to give credit where it’s due, but sadly, I didn’t collect the URLs of these. None of these were made by me, but they’re all absolutely wonderful. 🙂

More info after the break.

Now because just a set of wallpapers would be boring, let me write out a quick story for you:

A man of prestige comes into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender asks, “pencil?” The man thanks the bartender, takes the pencil, and promptly leaves the bar. He then goes on to write a book with that pencil about his pleasant two second experience with the pencil, publishes it, and then sends a copy to the bar he had visited. The bartender then reads it and finds it to be the most touching story ever, depicting those two seconds of the world in perfect detail. From where the bartender asks, “pencil,” to the moment the man leaves, the book was a joy to read. The book was ten pages long, with nine of those being acknowledgements to the bartender and the writer in large bold letters. What was printed in the book was the following.