Mail Call!

As easy as it is to leave a gmail tab () open in your browser, clutter isn’t very productive–or at least that’s what the minimalist side of me says! It takes up a bit of memory to keep another website open in your browser too.

Gmail Notifr is the solution. It’s a menubar application that stays up in, well, your menubar. The premise behind this is to display a simple number next to an icon, which tells you your unread message count. More after the break.

New Mail! (2nd icon from the left)

Setting it up is as simple as inputting your email info into a login box (and no, it’s not going to steal your account details or anything evil like that), and you can add multiple accounts as long as they’re gmail-based. Gmail Notifr also lets you get growl notifications as well.

It’s a great bit of software and really worth installing as you’ll be instantly notified whenever your Gmail account receives any mail whatsoever. It’s far more efficient than the rather repetitive, laborious and monotonous task of checking your inbox manually every five minutes, and saves you the disappointment of a big zero where you should have a number of unread emails. – Gmail Notifr’s website

And that’s it! It’s a simple, hassle-free, and there’s nothing else to it. I certainly use it all the time, and I suggest you check out Gmail Notifr if you’re looking for a quick way to fulfill for daily email fix. It’s free too.