In South Korea, you’ll find a bunch of international schools spread across the entire peninsula. It’s quite a wonderful system for foreigners. Last Saturday, I found myself on a subway, heading towards Bosan station.

The reason for my trip up north was to get to the Amerasian Christian Academy. It’s a three hour trip north–which was mostly spent standing–but that didn’t bother me too much. I got to talk a lot about movies, which was fun. Like other international schools, it teaches English and is based on a western curriculum. However, this school is meant for those who can’t afford the costly tuition held by schools like SFS or KIS. An honorable cause, really. And yet because it lacks a sufficient budget, it requires the assistance of volunteer workers and donations. You see, Bosan is home to a US army base, so foreigners around those parts are a common sight. That leads to more interracial marriage, which can lead to children with one parent native to Korea, and another from another country. More after the break.

Accompanied by a teacher and a couple other students, we made our way to the school. The trip was beyond tiring, but the experience was worth it for sure. I met a bunch of kids, who spoke surprisingly fluent English, and several dedicated staff members including the president James Kang-McCann. We also got to play some kickball, which was good fun. Here’s an article on the school by JoongAng Daily.

As much as I’d love to put up some pictures, I didn’t take any. Well maybe later on I’ll ask my teacher if he got some good shots of the trip. Be sure to check out the ACA!