Mobus Angrili (part 2)


Image by nori@qnub via Flickr

An old story of mine, just reedited. Hopefully enjoyable.

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A ladder hung down from the airlock entrance at the surface. Ten feet down from the lock was the table and two feet to the right of that was the couch. The air was musty and the walls looked and felt like concrete. Jack was alone in a hole 50 kilometers from the nearest volcano. The nearest town was a two-hour-long plane ride away.

Adjacent from the table was another table that had a computer. One of those com-pu-tat-ion-al laptops from that fruit company. On top of the laptop was an apple that  Jack had taken a bite of several hours ago.

The reason for there being a laptop in his bunker home was because Jack had won a lawsuit against a certain fruit company several years before. He brought that company down to its knees and gave it quite a slashing with his legal mumbo-jumbo. Of course, he hadn’t won a single case since he moved away to Iceland.

The point of the airlock guarding the bunker was to make sure that he would have enough air to survive even if the chairs started to eat all the air on earth. The chance of that was quite slim, but it being ‘slim’ meant that it was still possible.

Jack had a distinct look on his face. A disgusted look of terror and most likely a glimpse of anxiety in there as well. A chair had snuck past the airlock and into his bunker. Jack recalled the side-note to the chair article.

“As a side-note, chairs are very sneaky. You might wake up one day to find that your chair was not tucked in even though you thought you tucked it into its desk the night before. The cooler side to this is that a sibling may have sat down in your chair and used your computer to play that new-fangled game. Your sibling may have had fun, but you’ll never know.”

If you’ve ever seen a movie that just blows your brains out, you’d probably be dead. But if you saw something that made you think that, you’d know how Jack reacted. He froze. In shock, mostly. Just like that, his muscles contracted and he cringed. Seeing as he had just relocated his entire life to Iceland, which actually isn’t too icy, Jack started to scream in his head.

When you scream in your head, that is the one moment in which you don’t actually think about anything. You mind just goes blank for a moment, probably forgetting what you were screaming about in the first place. And that’s exactly what happened.

He fell over, hit his head, and then passed out.