You’re on your computer and you open your music player. Let’s say iTunes. You look through your audio library for that song you want to hear. Hmm… House By The Sea by Iron & Wine. You can’t find it. Well, you then check YouTube for it and find a video. The quality is terrible and you just don’t want to listen to it anymore.

There goes 30 seconds wasted. Ridiculous, no? You could have found out how trapped miner’s escaped the mine in Chile. Now, instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect copy of House By The Sea, open up Grooveshark.



Grooveshark is a free music streaming service. Think of it as a very impressive (and fast) youtube for music.


It’s all primarily web-based so you’ll want to open up your web browser and head to their website. You’ll be greeted with a friendly, big search box.

It’s most basic functionality is for you to be able to search its database for almost every song you can think of. So let’s try searching for House By The Sea.

Press Enter and then a list full of possible matches shows up.

So I then press that play button and the music begins almost instantly.

That’s pretty darn cool. I would’ve embed the song right into the post, but wordpress doesn’t exactly let me do that. So for here’s a convenient link to that song I made using tinysong.

Grooveshark is a very convenient and free way to listen to music.