A Simple Present for my Brother

Text Adventure!

Realizing that it was almost October, I knew that I had to think of something to get for my brother. It’s his first time abroad, and that’s pretty cool. I, like most people I suppose, couldn’t think of what to give him. I went from generic cash to something really obscure and unnecessary.

For his birthday, I decided to make something. He’s always been a fan of those old text based adventure games. So I made one!

So the premise of this is that it’s a game that you go through by typing. Like you can ‘look at the box’ and you’ll then look at the box. You could also ‘examine the box’ and you would also look at the box. If you want to try this, just open up this link and type away!

Maybe you’ll find it boring, or maybe you’ll think it’s awesome. It was still fun to make either way.