The Hit List

The Hit List (a bit empty, but that's good, no?)

To the few people [perhaps?] that will read this and use a mac, let me tell you about a very useful program.

It’s a todo list application. Sticky notes aren’t efficient and a calendar application isn’t for me. It was only a few months ago that I stumbled upon this very useful utility. THL (The Hit List, by Potion Factory) does what it says it does. It’s quite well done.

So let me start by saying that this app is currently free. This is because it is still in constant development and is in a ‘beta‘ phase.

If you look at that picture above, I have a few things on the list. [One for writing this post too!] They’re all tagged with a subject and have a due date. The one about writing a blog post also repeats every week automatically.

To add a task, you just need press the enter key and then type in your task. Then press the tab key and enter a date (typing in 13 will send it to the next 13th day of this month or the next). A date popup will even show up to allow you to pick the date quickly.

You can also type in a tag by pressing the forward-slash key (/) and then the tag’s name. This way you can keep track of what that tag is about. Like the subject of your homework.

When you finish a task, you can just click on that little white box next to that task and it’ll just check itself. Then tada! It’s done. You can then archive it to send it off or uncheck it if needed.

What I truly adore about this program is that there is a ‘quick add’ prompt that you can set up to any key shortcut. For example, I set it so that when I press Shift-Command-Z this shows up:

Just type in your task (with a tag and date if you want) and press enter. Then it’s added to your todo list inbox. You can then organize it into folders in the application itself later on. How quickly the prompt appears and disappears is what makes it useful. Press the hotkey, type in your item, and press Enter.

Homework has never been easier to manage. Everything I that I need to do gets put into this little app. Here’s another review with more detail as well if you’re not satisfied.

I suggest that everybody gets it now!